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Introduction to Polymer Technology

Introduction to Polymer Technology is a two day training course designed to provide design engineers with a general understanding of polymers, their processing and long term properties.

It is intended for staff with a general engineering background looking for specific information regarding the properties, performance and application of plastics to engineering applications.


Course fees - £550 + VAT inclusive of full course notes, refreshments and buffet lunch.

Course dates - The course is approximately four times a year in Telford. Upcoming dates are: 10/11 Feb 2016, 11/12 May 2016, 10/11 Aug 2016 and 9/10 November 2016

Registration - Please follow this link to view our payment options and on line registration form

The course is split into four major sections as described below.  Each subsection represents a module of 1-2 hrs duration.


Section A        Materials and Properties


1)                  Polymers and Polymer Structure


·        What is a polymer?

·        Polymer Structure

·        Major polymer types

·        Common polymer additives/modifiers


2)                  Mechanical Properties of Polymers


·        Short Term mechanical properties

o       Tensile properties

o       Rate dependency

o       Impact properties

·        Long term properties and viscoelasticity

o       Definition of viscoelasticity

o       Creep and stress relaxation

o       Creep rupture

o       Fatigue


3)                  Thermal Properties of Polymers


·        Thermal Degradation

·        The short term effect of temperature on mechanical properties


4)                  Chemical Resistance


·        Chemical Attack

·        Environmental Stress Cracking


Section B        Design and Processing


1)                  Injection moulding overview


·        Overview of injection moulding process

·        Typical machine specification

o       Clamp force

o       Barrel size etc

o       Cold/hot runner systems


2)                  Moulded Structures & Design for injection moulding


·        Assessment of how the properties of a moulded structure may differ from standard test data

o       Weld lines

o       Glass fibre distributions

·        Designing for the injection moulding process

o       Flow and balanced tools

o       Sinking and voiding

o       Warpage


3)                  Assembly techniques and design features


·        Design guidance for assembly and disassembly feature

o       Mechanical fastening

o       Snap fit joints

o       Ultrasonic welding

o       Adhesive bonding


Section C        The Materials Selection Process


·        General selection by material structure

·        Identification of candidate generic material types

·        Identification of potential sub generic material types

·        Comparison of named grades.


Section D        Overview of fault and failure diagnosis


·        Outlined route to identification of cause of faults/failures.

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